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ANN CADDELL CRAWFORD founded Military Living Publications™ in 1968 in the Washington, DC area. Before founding Military Living™ in 1968 at the age of 33, Ann Crawford was an accredited member of the press in South Vietnam over a period of four years.As a free-lance reporter, she worked for Copley News Service, a syndicated service, and her feature articles were published in more than 100 publications worldwide.

She also worked for Pacific Stars and Stripes®, Newsday and numerous other special-interest publications. In 1966, her first book was published by the Charles E. Tuttle Company of Rutland, VT and Tokyo, Japan. That book, Customs and Culture of Vietnam™ received the National Press Women's Award for first place in the non-fiction category in 1966.


Roy served as an officer in the Signal Corps and also as a Career Logistician. He served as Comptroller of the Army's largest R&D Command and commanded the theater Signal Brigade in South Korea. He holds many military service awards, including the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit.He graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science and from the University of Alabama with a Masters Degree in Business and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.


WILLIAM R. CRAWFORD, JR. (RJ) was born in Heidelberg, Germany and lived in Saigon, South Vietnam; Bangkok, Thailand; Kaiserslautern, Germany and Seoul, South Korea with his parents, his brother, Jack, and sister, Kathleen.RJ graduated from Franklin College in Indiana where he played college football. He received a Master's Degree in Business Administration, with a special emphasis in entrepreneurship, from Azusa Pacific University in California. RJ joined Military Living in 1983.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Cutting Edge of History

The cutting edge of history was ushered in by the various branches of the United States Armed Forces and their keeping of the history of their respective branch, partially through the preservation of a sword. These swords remained as a legacy to the hundreds of thousands of fallen soldiers, both now and in the past and continue to be beacons of hope that keep our nation safe, happy, and well protected.

Following in true tradition of the US Military swords, their history is respected and kept alive by the attention given to them and what they symbolize. The USMS sword is one that calls for a lot of attention to the duties and sacrifices by hundreds of thousands of men and women all over. The Marines are strict and run by a rigid set of rules that govern their behavior and their outward presentation to the rest of the world. Their sword symbolizes their purity, perfection, and their solidarity.

When you think of the Army swords, you may feel slightly confused if you have not ever seen an Army saber being displayed. For two reasons this is absolutely normal. The first being it is a somewhat archaic symbol of the might and power of the Army and the second being clandestine operations are highly used in the Army. Used for teaching your students, children, etc. about the rich history with the Army, these Army swords may be able to become the missing piece that enables full interaction with those supporting the cause.

Navy swords remain sharp designs created in 1860 during the Civil War as a more fluid design built off the original created in 1841. These swords, mainly the Navy NCO cutlasses, are beautiful creations to be shared with anyone who will take an interest in such things. The Navy cutlass is a perfected creation made of steel, boasting custom plating and a variety of other characteristics to carry it to the top of the class in appearances. When it comes to identity, this sword carries a heavy burden of savage memories from long ago wars and battles that helped to shape our nation into what it has become today. These memories are what need to be kept alive by us and our future generations. By experiencing this fantastic piece of the past, we quickly become immersed in the history and and the legends that served to shape our nation to this very day.

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